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Έργα επεξεργασίας πόσιμου νερού
Hydroelectrica is a construction company founded in 1968.

Its mission is to offer integrated solutions in the fields of water treatment and biological treatment of wastewater. In particular, designs, manufactures and installs standard purification plants for waste water treatment plants and filtration units of water for irrigation and industry.

Production systems are implemented in municipalities - communities, hotels, villages, factories, etc.

Since its foundation it has built and equipped with integrated facilities, the private sector , the industry and is established in Greece to the innovative function and performance with patent awards by the Ministry of Development and the Region of Thessaly.

In 2003, was certified with quality assurance system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2000-certified by the EQAH.

Managers and staff of the company have excellent training, expertise and experience in the field. This fact, combined with the team spirit that has developed is contributing decisively to the proper functioning and growth of the company. Continuous is the monitoring and the interest for the developments in the fields of activity of the company into new technologies and manufacturing processes. All these ensure stable, high quality products and services.

Headquarters of the company are Sofades Karditsa (production plant) while operating machinery and exposition to the 20th km of the road Karditsa - Athens.

Hellas, Sofades Karditsa
CAP. 43300
P. +30 24430 22997
    +30 24430 23230
    +30 24430 22689
F. +30 24430 22466
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