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Water Filtration
In selecting a filter there must be taken into consideration thw specific operating conditions as well as the physicochemical characteristics of the raw water (e.g turbidity, colour, odour, pH, Fe, content, etc.)
Hydroelectrica Co. design and manufacture a broad range of water filters with a combination of the filter media and the operating figures so that thw filter suit to every particular application of water treatment and so that the investments and operating costs are minimized.

Filter Media
These can be available as individual or as a combination: e.g. silica sand, anthracite, activated carbon, marble, deironing and demanganizing media, suitable for potable water.

Genaral Design
Tanks are made of steel with dished heads and bottoms, internally coated by rust resistant primer.
Tanks include internally a sand - separator, wall - mounded, for the retention of coarse particles which could bring fast clogging about the filter bed.
Raw water, wash - water and air scour are uniformly distributed over the bed by means of a diffusers arrangements vertically so that back-washing is performed over each section separetly in order to meet the increased backwashing requirements in the water per unit area.

Automation Controls
The operation stages of the filter can be manually or automatically monitored by means of a timer device and/or a differential pressure device.
When automatically controlled, pneumatic or hydralic valves are used triggered by the proper sensors, along with pilot - controllers, relays and control panel equipment.
Backwashing of filter is performed by backflow of water and/or air scour successively or simultaneously.

The filters are designed and produced in two types:
1. one-stage filtration and
2. two-stage filtration, in which in the same filter takes place a finishing with further improvement of the properties of treated water inb case of higher requirements.

Types of the Turpidity filters

Types of Colour, Odour, Dechlorination Filters

Types of De-Ironing (TGF) & De-Manganizing (TGM) Filters




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